Working Together



Look at the Basis for Working Together. – Why do we train our children to take care of themselves and their home?
• Learn the Basics of Working Together. Start teaching even your toddler how to care for their family by helping.
• Bible verses and virtues that you can use in your teaching as memory verses or simply to decorate with while instilling godly values.
• Customizable templates to make a Working Together chart for your family.
Are you looking for the Martha Stewart look in your home school?
Well, Working Together won’t provide it however it will help you to train your children in the how’s and why’s of the physical nurturance of your home and family.
Giving a Biblical basis for teaching our children to work as well as teaching and housekeeping tips Working Together will help to transform housework from a drudgery to quality family time as it is integrated into your home school.
Working Together also includes detailed room by room tips on how to get even the youngest child in your family involved in hospitality and caring for your home. And there is an attractively designed chore chart that can be customized for your family!

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