The Ultimate Lapbook Handbook



Written by Tammy Duby and Cyndy Regeling
This teacher resource will be useful for all grades and subjects. A great way to add creativity to any study unit.
Appropriate for grades K—12
Softcover, 112 pages, 8.5” x 11”

The basic idea is simple—you’ll have it down pat in no time. The possibilities are endless—this method will follow all your children throughout all of their school years! This Handbook covers everything you’ll need to know about bookmaking with your children. In it, you will discover how to create:
• Lap Books
• Pizza Books
• Stick Books
• Wallpaper Books
• Peek-a-boo Books.
Never heard of a Lap Book™? Very simply put—it is a file folder turned into a book which can house any number of illustrations, reports, diagrams, or other little books of information your child creates on any topic you are studying.
This truly is the most amazing resource available for Lap Books. Every aspect of creating and constructing Lap Books is included. It goes beyond Lap Books to explain the details for six other book-making techniques, such as Pizza Books, Stick Books and Hardcover books. To make it even more useful, there are over 50 specific projects outlined that you can begin with your child. Want to make a Lap Book on Castles? It is outlined in detail from the cover design to the different Fold-its your child can construct.

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