Simply Charlotte Mason-Modern Times, Epistles and Revelation

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Study the Bible, geography, and history together as a family!

The last installment in our popular six-book history series, this study walks your family through Modern times (about 1850–2012), including a study of several epistles and Revelation and the geography of North America and the United States. It details living books, Book of Centuries entries, narration ideas, Scripture passages, geography ideas, additional assignments for older students, and optional hands-on activities to help you save time and foster learning for all your students, grades 1–12.
• Saves Time—Combines all students, grades 1–12, in a family study.
• Charlotte Mason in Its Approach—Incorporates Bible study, living books, narration, Book of Centuries, and geography.
• Flexible— Includes American History (from the Oregon Trail to present day) two days per week, using Stories of America, Volume 2, and World History two days per week, using Stories of the Nations, Volume 2. Non-U. S. users can easily substitute their own country’s history during the two American History days.
• Comprehensive—Provides additional assignments for older students, including Book of Centuries entries, written narration ideas, and extra independent reading.
• Fun—Provides for optional hands-on activities that you can do all together or with only some of your students.
• Recommended—Listed as a suggested resource in the SCM Curriculum Guide. Gives detailed lesson plans for the Modern Times study and shows how all the books fit together for all the grades.
• Complete—Details lesson plans for a full year of history, Bible, and geography studies.
• Helpful—Includes handy tips and reminders of upcoming resources so you have time to collect them.

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