Simply Charlotte Mason-Matthew through Acts and Ancient Rome


Our award-winning history/geography/Bible lesson plans help you teach all your children together for history, Bible, and geography! This study, the third in our six-book series, walks you through the accounts of the life of Christ and the early church, including a study of Ancient Rome—the time period in which those events took place. It details Scripture passages, living books, Book of Centuries entries, narration ideas, geography ideas, additional assignments for older students, and optional hands-on activities for the whole family. (Grades 1–12)

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Study history, geography, and Bible together as a family!

This year of lesson plans will help the world of Ancient Rome come alive for all your students, grades 1–12. The life of Christ and the events of the early church are studied side-by-side with the history of Ancient Rome. Older students also complete a study of the book of Romans, which was written to believers in Ancient Rome.
The Charlotte Mason-style lesson plans
• Make the ancient world come alive through living books and Bible readings.
• Help your students listen attentively and recall what was read by narrating.
• Let you teach the whole family together by sharing some books as family read-alouds, then challenging older students with additional reading and writing assignments from other books on the same topic.
• Help all your students, grades 1–12, see how Bible events fit into history.
• Connect geography to the people who lived there—both past and present.
• Keep things simple by providing helpful reminders of upcoming resources, teaching tips, and Book of Centuries entries.

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