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Good habits shape good character!
“ ‘Sow a habit, reap a character.’ But we must go a step further back, we must sow the idea or notion which makes the act worth while.” — Charlotte Mason
We all know that changing thoughts and actions can be hard work. But forming a good habit is easier when we are motivated and connected to the result. And that’s where Laying Down the Rails for Children comes in.
This companion to the award-winning book, Laying Down the Rails, expands on the principles of good habits with a practical how-to guide and action plan to use with your children. It is filled with more than 400 pages of classic stories and Bible passages, beautiful poems, life activities, inspiring quotations—living ideas that will nestle into your children’s minds and motivate them toward the habits of good character.
With Laying Down the Rails for Children, you will
• Feed minds—Enjoy classic stories, poems, Bible passages, and powerful quotations that feed the mind with wonderful ideas centered around each habit. All of the 60+ habits explained in Laying Down the Rails are covered.
• Inspire hearts—Discuss and practice practical ways to apply those motivating ideas in everyday life. The gentle lessons include ideas for all ages.
• Encourage action—Outline a personal plan for your family in the Parent Prep section of each habit. Cross references, guiding thoughts, and helpful reminders are provided along with lots of room to jot notes.
• Build habits—Give focus and motivation to the whole family as you work on your selected habit.Laying Down the Rails for Children offers enough companion material for many years of habit training!
Start laying down the rails of good habits in your home today and see what a difference it can make!
Note: The printed version of Laying Down the Rails for Children comes as a two-book set for easier handling.

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