Simply Charlotte Mason-Hearing & Reading, Telling & Writing


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Now you can teach language arts confidently and simply!
Teaching language arts doesn’t have to be complicated. With the Charlotte Mason Method, you’ll find that language arts can be enjoyable and simple.
Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing tells you exactly what Charlotte said about good literature, vocabulary, teaching your child how to read, narration, composition, English grammar, and more. In fact, be sure to download the free sample above; it includes the entire chapter on narration!
This book will
• Explain what is included in language arts.
• Share the powerful—yet few—methods that Charlotte Mason used to cover all the aspects of language arts.
• Simplify language arts for both the teacher and the student.
• Give you confidence that you’re covering all the aspects of language arts.
Here, gathered into one easy-to-read volume, are Charlotte’s timeless methods, lesson ideas, and practical tips. As you read her sensible and simple ideas in her own words, you will gain the confidence you need to help your child communicate through hearing and reading, telling and writing. Because, really, that’s what language arts is all about.

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