Simply Charlotte Mason-Early Years Book and DVD


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Nurture your preschooler with Charlotte Mason’s gentle ways!
Get both The Early Years: A Charlotte Mason Preschool Handbook and the Enjoying the Early Yearsworkshop 2-DVD set for a special bundle price!
• Use the DVD set to overview the two duties of parents and gain lots of practical tips and ideas.
• Watch the demonstration and feel prepared to gently help your child each step of the way to reading as he is ready.
• Share the DVDs with your spouse to give him or her a clear picture of how to make the preschool years a quiet growing time.
• Soak in Charlotte’s own words about how to enjoy the Early Years with the complete user-friendly reference book—including the full description of how to teach your child to read, Charlotte’s thoughts on Kindergarten, ideas for beginning handwriting, and more.
Give your preschool child time to explore, time to discover, time to grow during the Early Years!

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