Simply Charlotte Mason-Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors


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Make the ancient world come alive!
With this captivating narrative, you will explore all that made Egypt famous: her powerful pharaohs; the mystery of her hieroglyphs; her unique art, pervading religion, and towering pyramids.
But you will also discover the stories of her neighbors, far and near, as you read about the secrets of a chalk horse and giant stones in Great Britain, the puzzle of a vanished people in the Indus Valley, the charging bull that the Ancient Minoans could not leap over, why writing on turtle shells assured a lasting dynasty in Ancient China, and much more.
Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors
• gives your child a wonderful panorama of the ancient world with its diverse cultures and civilizations.
• agrees with the Biblical account of creation and the beginning of man. You will find no evolutionary comments or allusions to millions of years and savage humans.
• brings a personal element to history by telling the stories of real people to whom your child can relate.
• is appropriate and interesting for young and old. This title is recommended as the family history spine book for the Genesis through Deuteronomy and Ancient Egypt module in the SCM Curriculum Guide (replacing the out-of-print Oxford book).
• supports the worship of the one true God and a Biblical worldview. The author clearly explains the beliefs of ancient civilizations but does not sensationalize or condone them.
• lays a solid foundation and shows how fascinating world history can be!
Make the ancient world come alive! Spend some time with Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors!

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