Shakespeare – Twelfth Night


An enjoyable and simple approach to some of the greatest literature ever written—the plays of William Shakespeare! Help your students become familiar with Shakespeare’s imaginative stories, memorable characters, and brilliant lines in three simple steps. (Grades 2–12)

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“To become intimate with Shakespeare in this way is a great enrichment of mind and instruction of conscience.”—Charlotte Mason



Now you can help your students become familiar with Shakespeare’s imaginative stories, memorable characters, and brilliant lines in three simple steps:


1.Read the story.


2.Hear the script.


3.Watch the play.


Each Shakespeare in Three Steps book provides everything you need:


*A well-written story version of the play by E. Nesbit or Charles and Mary Lamb—classic narratives that have been providing a wonderful introduction to Shakespeare’s plays for decades.


*The complete script of the play with helpful notes to explain unusual terms or add to your understanding of Shakespeare’s stories, characters, and lines. When you purchase a printed version of Shakespeare in Three Steps, you will also receive the e-book version in PDF form so you can easily make copies of the included script for your students.


*An outlined plan for walking through the script, divided into manageable portions with quick recaps, scene introductions, and summaries that will guide you each step of the way. We highly recommend using the excellent audio dramatizations from Arkangel Shakespeare for this step, so students can hear the lines delivered masterfully from the very beginning.


*Script highlights, featuring well-known or just ponder-worthy lines, that will gently introduce the Bard’s genius and cultivate an appreciation for his wonderful way with words.


*Parental advisories to give you a heads-up on scenes that may contain material inappropriate for children.


*Helpful lists of the characters in the scenes and the number of lines each one speaks, so you can assign parts knowledgeably for reading sessions or acting roles.


*Candid reviews of several video recordings of the play to save you time previewing and help you select an appropriate presentation for your students to watch and enjoy.


Twelfth Night


Comedy Summary:

Two twins, brother and sister, are shipwrecked on the coast of Illyria. The sister, believing her brother to be drowned and worried that Illyria might not be safe for her, decides to disguise herself as a man. In her new garb she presents herself at the Duke’s court as a pageboy and quickly becomes a favorite, hiding her growing love for the Duke beneath the guise of devoted friendship. The Duke, meanwhile, is attempting to win the hand of another fair lady. This lady refuses the Duke, steadfastly grieving the death of a family member to the point of oblivion—unaware even of the chaos being wreaked by her other mischievous relatives, until the Duke sends his new page to woo her in his stead. Unfortunately, the lady falls for the seeming pageboy, and the ensuing chaos is not sorted out until the twin brother arrives.


Recommended for Grades 2–12

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