Science in the Age of Reason


Science in the Age of Reason is an engaging, exciting, hands-on, multilevel elementary resource that is the fourth in a series of books by Dr. Jay Wile.

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Introducing scientific concepts in the context of history, students will follow the work of the scientists who lived during the period known as “The Age of Reason” (1656-1850). Arranged chronologically, chapters focus both on concepts as well as thinkers, including Halley, Anders Celsius, Benjamin Franklin, Carl Linneaus, Joseph Black, Erasmus Darwin, Lazzaro Spallanzani, James Hutton, John Dalton, Thomas Young, and others alongside topics that include carbon dioxide, atomic theory, Celsius/Fahrenheit temperatures, conductors and insulators, evaporation, genera and classification, erosion, and inoculation.

A total of 90 lessons are included; divided into chronological sections, each section contains 12 regular lessons and 3 challenge lessons for a total of 15 lessons. Depending on how much science you wish to teach in your homeschool, there are enough lessons to cover every other day for the length of a school year, or, you can finish the book by only doing two lessons a week (and skipping the challenge lessons).

Hands-on activities are included in each lesson; most are experiments (that have been field-tested for hom eschoolers!), and include step by step directions to keep you on track. As this curriculum was designed for all elementary-aged students to use together, the main lesson text is written in a conversational, easy-to-read tone that all students can comprehend; illustrations and photographs are integrated throughout. Review assignments close the lesson; questions are grouped for “youngest, older, and oldest” students. Students are instructed to keep a notebook, and the activities include comprehension and reflection notebook assignments.

Experiments use common household goods, though for some items that may not be on-hand, a full list (organized by section) is provided at the beginning of the book.

The “Helps & Hints” booklet is divided into three sections that provide helpful notes on the lesson and experiments for the textbook, six tests covering multiple chapters, and answers to the tests.

Elementary Grades K-6.

This Kit Includes:

  • Science in the Age of Reason Textbook, 302 pages, hardcover and non-consumable.
  • Helps and Hints; 64 pages, softcover. Non-reproducible; consumable softcover.

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