Reaping the Harvest


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A harvest takes time…and effort and patience and sun and rain and diligence and love. So does raising children!
Join Diana Waring in her follow-up to the best selling, homeschool classic Beyond Survival–this time sharing how to prepare for and revel in your life with teenagers!
While not meant to be a “how-to-fix-what’s-wrong-with-my-teenager” book, Reaping the Harvest is a proactive, grace-filled approach to child rearing, using timely principles from real-life experiences that may help you avoid “typical” teenage behavior.
Diana will gently guide you through some of the hardest parts of raising your kids and assist you in:
• building lasting relationships with your children
• lovingly mentoring your children as they mature into young adults, and
• reaping the harvest, finally realizing the dream of the future.

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