Mystery of History Volume 1, 2nd Edition

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The Mystery of History, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the Second Editionof Volume I, Creation to the Resurrection. What is new? According to the author, the message and theme of the book remain the same and the well-loved, user friendly format has not been changed (one paperback book contains everything for student and teacher alike). But, with over 140 new pages in the Second Edition, Linda Hobar has enriched the lessons; broadened the scholarship level of the text; developed new activities; enhanced the mapping exercises; and simplified the timeline directions. Whilenot changing the Table of Contents, the author has improved it with better chronological detail, based on the work of James Ussher. The Second Edition also features a cleaner, more-readable layout, with upgraded artistry, photos, font, and cover; an expanded reading list; Answer Key maps for all the mapping exercises; a pronunciation guide; a Bible reading list; and much more. Now, as before, The Mystery of History Volume I, can be an inspirational journey blending Bible history and world history into one fascinating and beautiful mosaic.

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