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After you know your addition and multiplication tables, you are ready for Life of Fred: Fractions. Fred will take you far beyond elementary knowledge of fractions so, even if you have had some basic training on how to divide up a pie so that you get the biggest “fraction,” you will do well to start here.

One morning in our five-year-old hero’s life in which he…
• Teaches a class at the university
• Buys a bicycle
• In his office, he hurts his foot and is taken to the hospital

This book lays the first half of the foundation for pre-algebra including . . .
• Less Than
• Billion
• Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers
• Diameter and Radius
• Savings and Expenses
• Definition of a Fraction
• Sectors
• Comparing Fractions
• Reducing Fractions
• Adding and Subtracting Fractions
• Common Denominators
• Roman Numerals
• Least Common Multiples
• Improper Fractions
• Lines of Symmetry
• Division by Zero
• Circumference
• Multiplying Mixed Numbers
• Commutative Law
• Canceling
• Definition of a Function
• Area
• Unit Analysis
• Division of Fractions
• Geometric Figures
• Estimating Answers
• and much more . . .

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