Letters from Egypt


A fascinating living geography book from 1879 that will touch your mind, your imagination, and your heart. (Grades 3-12) Mary Whately’s letters paint a fascinating picture of life in Egypt in 1879. 

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When Mary went to Egypt to start a school for girls, she never thought she would stay so long. Her letters back to her family in England reveal Egyptian culture, weather, traditions, animals, plants, and her insight into customs, culture, and climate ring true even today. Plus, many Bible quotations and allusions are woven throughout the letters, along with illustrations of how life in Egypt reminded Mary of those passages. Letters from Egypt is a living geography book that will touch your mind, your imagination, and your heart. Living Geography-Learn about the people, customs, and climate of Egypt in these letters from a Christian friend. Biblical Insights-Gain a greater understanding of the culture and how it is reflected in so many Scripture verses. Missionary Emphasis-See the mixed multitude of people and be stirred to pray for the work of the Lord among them. Recommended-Listed as a suggested resource in the SCM Curriculum Guide. Corresponds wonderfully to the study of Ancient Egypt in the Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt module. For those of you who already have the Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt handbook, simply read about five pages from Letters from Egypt once a week and you should be able to get through the book during the year. You can easily read this geography book on the same day you do map drill, or you could read it on a day of the week when you aren’t doing a lesson from the handbook.

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