Lessons at Blackberry Inn


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Take a few soothing moments to open the pages of Lessons at Blackberry Inn. You will find yourself sweetly transported to the village of Appleton, where you will get a peek at how Carol, the main character, serves her family with faith, hope, and love. If you wish to be upheld in your desire to
• love your husband,
• treasure your children,
• recapture the joys of home learning,
• or be reminded of the value of homemaking,
We invite you to a place where these things are lived out; we invite you to Blackberry Inn.
The homeschool mother who receives little encouragement within the world in which she lives will find this story especially uplifting. The author, Karen Andreola, knows that the culture which surrounds us is against us, and that the tensions of the modern world can make us feel more tired than we already are. Therefore Karen, provides a mother with a whole neighborhood of characters that serve one another with kindness.

The principles of living the “educational life” are so naturally woven into the story that you may find yourself so curious to know what happens to the characters that you do not notice just how much of a “how to” book Lessons at Blackberry Inn really is. And yet a golden nugget of an idea appears at the turn of every page, waiting to provide you with a practical suggestion and the inspiration to carry it out. Read how Carol and her children:
• appreciate art, music, and literature,
• explore history and science,
• observe nature,
• practice hospitality,
• keep up with chores,
• cook healthy meals,
• develop friendships,
• and live frugally.
Nigel Andreola’s pencil drawings decorate each chapter.

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