Jack’s Insects


Learn fascinating facts about insects as you follow Jack and Maggie’s adventures inside Jack’s new insect book! A classic living science book used in Charlotte Mason’s schools for grades 4-6. (Grades 4–6) 

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A classic living science book used by Charlotte Mason!


Follow Jack and Maggie into the fascinating world of insects! When Jack receives a book for his birthday, he and his sister suddenly find themselves inside it, living the natural history. Learn from their adventures as they question a butterfly, narrate to a spider, go underground with a cicada, anger a wasp, attend a katydid concert, hear a candle fly’s court case, go airborne with some fireflies, sail with a raft-spider, and more.


This unique book, used in Charlotte Mason’s PNEU schools, has been out of print and almost impossible to find. We are pleased to bring this valuable resource back into circulation for another generation to enjoy.



  • Charlotte Mason Recommended—Originally published in 1910, Jack’s Insects is a classic living science book that Charlotte Mason used in her schools. Records indicate that she recommended it for children in Form II (grades 4–6).


  • Living Science—In true Charlotte Mason style, fascinating facts about insects are couched in a living story. You’ll learn about butterflies, caterpillars, plague locusts, carding bees, cicadas, katydids, and more, and from the (often opinionated) insects themselves. (Oh, yes, these insects are quite the characters!)


  • Original Illustrations—J. A. Shepherd created more than forty-four pen and ink drawings to illustrate the story of Jack’s Insects. We have tried to preserve the integrity of these original illustrations, presenting them as they appeared in the early 1900’s edition, including their hand-drawn border lines.


The corresponding Narration and Nature Study Notebook will add many more learning opportunities for your student!



Looking for the sequel? Our research has indicated that the sequel, Jack’s Other Insects is simply the last ten chapters of Jack’s Insects published as a separate book. So as far as we know, this reprint of Jack’s Insects contains all the chapters from both books.

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