Hungry Planet: What the World Eats


A fascinating living geography book that highlights families around the world, pictured in their kitchens with one week’s worth of groceries. Used in all of the Visits To… geography notebooks

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An award-winning photographer traveled the world and took pictures of families in various countries, featured in their kitchens with one week’s worth of groceries. In Hungry Planet: What the World Eats your children will discover for themselves the differences in food types, variety, and amounts; the differences in where and how food is prepared; and the truth that we are all humans with similar needs.


You can imagine the culture and contrasts and similarities that can be learned just from looking closely at the photographs. Plus, the author includes first-hand accounts of his time with the various families. The additional photographs and notes convey more valuable ideas, like what it is like to live in a refugee camp, how much time can be spent on simply surviving, and even that some cultures have no concept of a “favorite” food.



This book, Hungry Planet, and its companion volume, Material World, have been on my coffee table for years. I’ve watched people of all ages be drawn to the large, colorful photographs and fascinating notes over and over again.



That’s why those two books are featured in all of the Visits To… geography notebooks. They are the two mandatory books needed to complete that series and will give you many years of wonderful living geography studies for all of your students.

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