Homeschooling for Newbies in Canada! September 1-5, 2020



So you are thinking of homeschooling? Or maybe you MUST homeschool through this season? 

Regardless of whether you are….

… new to homeschooling or just considering it,

… whether you will be teaching one child or a tribe of children,

… preschoolers or high schoolers,

… for a few months or a lifetime,

… reluctant or enthusiastic,

the Homeschooling for Newbies workshop is built to bring some of Canada’s most experienced and helpful homeschooling leaders to you to help you cut through the clutter of information that is out there and to get you started with confidence.

We welcome parents from all walks of life and from all across Canada as we explore your big questions in this interactive online workshop.

This workshop will be delivered via a private Facebook group and will include both live and prerecorded videos delivered over a span of 5 days with daily live Q&As.

Also, look out for exclusive attendee only prizes and gifts!

This event is hosted by Maple Tree Publications during the week of September 1-5 but will be available for you to watch or rewatch for as long as you stay a member of the exclusive Facebook group.  Grab a snack and a cup of your favourite drink and lets chat! 

And hey, feel free to send this invite to friends, family, or neighbours who could also benefit!

Some of the topics we will cover

Yikes! Can I do this!?!

Where can I go for support?

What are the legal implications?

Do I have to contact my local school board?

What about curriculum?

What is a “normal” homeschooling day like?

What about high school and beyond?

What about socialization!?!

And more!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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