Come Sit By Me



Canadian picture book unit studies for Canadian Kids! Used by thousands of home schooling families across Canada!
Perfect for ages 4-7


• Read Aloud. You and your child spend one week on each book, reading the book each day, followed by your choice of the dozen or more activities.
• Covers all Subject Areas. The suggested activities are listed for all subject areas, from math to music, science to social studies and many in-between!
• Bible connections included. Each book study has one or more connected Bible stories as well as a related memory verse.
• Uses Canadian picture books which means that you are able to focus on the greatness of Canada through picture books! It also means that the picture books are easy to find in your local library or favourite bookstore.
• Perfect for ages 4—7. Also suits multi-level teaching. Cover music, art, social studies and other subjects with all your little ones together!
• All you add is math and phonics. Come Sit By Me takes care of the rest!


(Contains 36 picture book studies)


Literature based unit studies that use wonderful Canadian picture books to take you and your children on amazing learning adventures. Join characters like Franklin, Sadie and Simon as they discover the world through treasured children’s literature!


The following books are included in this volume:

Hurry Up, Franklin (P. Bourgeois)  

Franklin Is Messy (P. Bourgeois)                                                      

Franklin Rides a Bike ( P. Bourgeois)                                               

Franklin Fibs (P. Bourgeois)                                                             

Franklin’s New Friend (P. Bourgeois)                                                

I Want a Dog (D. Khalsa)                                                                                           

Sandwiches for Duke (J. Sadler)                                                      

Pussycats Everywhere! (S. McGraw)                                                          

The Klondike Cat (J. Lawson)                                                           

Very Last First Time (J. Andrews)                                                     

My Arctic 1,2,3 (M. Kusugak)                                                                       

Baseball Bats for Christmas (M. Kusugak)                                       

Dreamstones (M. Trottier)                                                                 

Stella, Queen of the Snow (M. Gay)                                                 

The Mocassin Goalie (W. Brownridge)                                             

A Team Like No Other (G. Graham)                                                

Perfect Snow (B. Reid)                                                                     

Jillian Jiggs and the Great Big Snow (P. Gilman)                             

Jessie’s Island (S. McFarlane)                                                          

Under a Prairie Sky (A. Carter)                                                         

Come to the Fair (J. Lunn)                                                                

Claire’s Gift (M. Trottier)                                                                    

Ode to Newfoundland (G. Butler)                                                      

The Sugaring Off Party (J. London)                                                  

Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt (B. Smucker)                                    

The Auction (J. Andrews)                                                                  

Music From the Sky (D. Gillard)                                                       

Something From Nothing (P. Gilman)                                               

Two So Small (H. Hutchins)                                                              

Once Upon a Golden Apple (J. Little)                                               

Bone Button Borscht (A. Davis)                                                        

Cinderella Penguin (J. Perlman)                                                       

Canada 123 (K. Bellefontaine)                                                          

One Grey Mouse (K. Burton)                                                

Hannah’s Collections (M. Jocelyn)                                                  

One Watermelon Seed (C. Barker-Lottridge)                                   




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