A Touch of the Infinite


by Megan Elizabeth Hoyt

A Touch of the Infinite is the Mason educator’s comprehensive, one-volume guide to understanding and implementing Mason methods for Music study. 


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Readers will learn how to teach a Composer Study lesson, the basics of Tonic Sol-fa, Folk Song Study, Hymn Study, Instrument Study, and more. Megan Hoyt brings the Mason Method to vivid life for teachers, home educators, and music lovers who are looking for another avenue to pursue beauty, goodness, and delight.


She both defines the principles behind the study of music appreciation and at the same time offers practical tips that will help teachers come alongside students to learn and grow, rich in relationships with the composers of the past. Lewis Carroll once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” Educators who are eagerly seeking out new knowledge about Charlotte Mason’s methods have already noticed they appear to be governed by certain underlying principles.


Just as a slow simmer produces the most flavorful soup, careful attention to the principles outlined in this book will help students form sturdy, life-long relationships with the world of sound that is all around them.

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