A Charlotte Mason Education


Key points of Charlotte Mason’s methods presented in a simple and straightforward way. A classic and concise homeschooling how-to manual.


Catherine Levison’s book, A Charlotte Mason Education, is one of the books Sonya read when she first started homeschooling and wanted to learn about Charlotte Mason. Its short, practical chapters provide a quick overview of many of the methods.

The intention of this book is to pull out the ‘how-to’ from the philosophy, which can be difficult. Not so that you will never have to read Charlotte Mason for yourself, but so that you can begin to apply her insights right away.—Catherine Levison

Its friendly chapters give practical help on

  • Narration,
  • Literature and Poetry,
  • Composition, Handwriting, and Spelling,
  • Foreign Language, Grammar, Science, and Math,
  • Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Free-Time Handicrafts,
  • Bible, History, Geography,
  • Citizenship and Morals, and
  • The Formation of Habits.

The Appendix includes sample schedules from Charlotte’s schools and describe how Catherine adapted the schedules to create what would work for her own home school.

You will feel inspired and excited to begin using Charlotte Mason’s methods, not overwhelmed! A Charlotte Mason Education is a classic how-to manual in short easy-to-read chapters.

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