Discovering Doctrine


Help your students develop the habit of learning doctrinal truth as they read the Bible for themselves. This long-term journaling project helps students record what they discover the Bible says about ten major doctrines. (Grades 7–12)



Know what you believe and why!


Discovering Doctrine: A Personal Bible Study, walks the student through discovering and organizing what the Bible teaches about ten important doctrines:


  • The Bible


  • God


  • Jesus Christ


  • Holy Spirit


  • Man


  • Sin


  • Salvation


  • Angels


  • The Church


  • Future Events


This study does not tell you what to believe or what the author of the study believes; it points you to Scripture and helps you discover what the Bible says you should believe. As you read through the Bible—whether during school work, personal devotions, family devotions, or church gatherings—Discovering Doctrine encourages you to watch for and record verses in your readings that relate to the ten doctrines. After you have read through the Bible and recorded all those teachings, you will summarize your findings with written narrations, thus composing your own personal doctrinal statement.


  • Biblical—Encourages the student to read the Bible and narrate what it says.


  • Habit-Forming—Instills a lifelong habit of watching for doctrinal truths while reading the Bible.


  • Inductive—Teaches the student to get his beliefs directly from Scripture.


  • Comprehensive—One Discovering Doctrine notebook provides several years of Bible study.


  • Effective—Tracks the student’s progress and keeps his findings organized.


  • Recommended—Listed as a suggested resource in the SCM Curriculum Guide.


  • Versatile—Use as an independent study for grades 7–12, an independent study for an adult, or as a combined study for the whole family together.

Practical Homeschooling Reader Award 2014 Practical Homeschooling Reader Award 2015

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