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Mother Culture 2011-2012

Dear Friends,

As the summer steam rolls into autumn I am finally ready to think towards some of the yummy events that are coming up around here during the next school year.  I am excited to have just received a shipment of Educating the Whole Hearted Child, the book that we will be studying in our little Charlotte Mason Support Group this school year, and I thought it was high time to let you in on the details of the meetings so that you can join us if you live nearby.

Our little meetings are a real time of refreshment and encouragement for me and I hope also for the folks that usually come.  You don’t have to have the book or to keep up with the readings in order to attend but it does help.  There is not fee, no sign up, no attendance.  You can come once or come to every gathering.  We meet every 5th or 6th Thursday from 7:30-9:30 at my home in Bradford (Ontario).

Our goal is to support one another in pursuing a vibrant and inspiring education for our families through some of the ideas and methods that Charlotte Mason used in her own schools and taught to the teachers that she trained.

In short, Charlotte Mason felt that children were born persons, valuable and thoughtful.  She didn’t see them as little ones with the potential to become someone significant but that they already were amazing and vibrant creations.

She felt that a real education should go beyond just the academics and should be gained through the acquisition of discipline or of habits and through the atmosphere that they children learn in.  She taught that children should be exposed to good books, to great works of art and to music, that they should enjoy nature by spending much time in the outdoors.  She believed in short lessons, no lectures, free time to play and pursue personal passions in the afternoon and no homework! 

If this style of educating interests you, the please mark the dates on your calendar now so that they don’t get double booked.  Contact me for my full address and so that I have an idea of who will be coming. 

Looking forward to our little gatherings!


Charlotte Mason Support Group Dates

September 22

October 27
December 1
January 12
February 16
March 22
May 3
June 7

***I do have extra copies of “Educating the Whole Hearted Child” in stock now.  The new edition has just come out and they are only $23.50 each!!! This edition is at least 50% bigger and the price is $10 less than I got mine for many years ago! Definitely worth investing in.***

P.S. – I know that many of you don’t live in the area but would like to participate in a Charlotte Mason group in your area.  I have a small list of other groups that are currently meeting in other areas (mostly in Ontario) and will post it here soon.  If you know of a group in your area, please send me the information and I will include it in my posting.

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