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Mother Culture 2011-2012 “Up-dates”

Dear Friends,

I need to take a brief break from our virtual meeting to come back to the reality of the live meetings that we are having here north of Toronto.  I needed to update things here for you since we have had a couple of changes in our physical group. 

First of all, I am pleased to share with you that our little group will now be meeting in two locations: Bradford and Woodbridge!  Corinna Duguay has expressed an interest in welcoming folks into her home and I am so excited that someone with her experience and enthusiasm is willing to house some of our crowd. 

Secondly, I have had to make a small change to the schedule: our next meeting was to be held at my home in Bradford on October 27th but will now be help in Woodbridge on that night and in Bradford the following week, November 3rd.  Thanks for your patience with me and my mistakes in scheduling.

So, the meetings will continue to be on Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.  We will continue with the same reading list that we began with.  (I am really enjoying the snippets of reading I am getting of the next few chapters!)  The meeting continues to be a parents’ only meeting though nursing babes are always a treat and welcome to come and be involved.

The Woodbridge meetings will be held at the home of Kevin and Corinna Duguay.

They are at:

7551 Huntington Road
Woodbridge, Ontario
(Near Highways 427 and 7).

Please contact Corinna at 1-416-613-8110 or for more information about their meetings or to RSVP.

Meetings in Bradford will continue to run at my home.  HOWEVER, we have the option of meeting at a local church (thank you Becky!).  While September’s meeting was overflowing with all of us enthusiastic homeschoolers the feed back that I have had since has been mostly that we would like to continue to meet in a homey setting but if size necessitates then we will move to the church…. 

SO! I am asking that you please RSVP to me and let me know if you will be coming.  If it seems that we will have 20 or more in attendance again then I will move the meeting to the church.  I would like to make this decision a week or so ahead of time if I can so the sooner that you can tell me if you are coming the better.  Thank you all for being flexible on this and please be sure to check your emails before you come to confirm where the meeting will be.

Please contact me, Cori Dean at 905-778-9412 or for more information about the next meeting or to RSVP.

Meeting Dates:

1.         September 22

2.         October 27th in Woodbridge ****PLEASE NOTE: I have had to change the date/ location for this meeting as I scheduled a conflict.***
            November 3rd in Bradford .  ***Originally had planned the meeting to be on October 27th in Bradford .  Please change this in your calendars.  Sorry!***

3.         December 1st in Bradford
            December 8th in Woodbridge

4.         January 12th in Bradford
            January 19th in Woodbridge

5.         February 16th in Bradford
            February 23rd in Woodbridge

6.            March 22 in Bradford ONLY (as the following week is the OCHEC conference!)

7.                  May 3rd in Bradford
            May 10th in Woodbridge

8.                  June 7th in Bradford
            June 14th in Woodbridge

The reading list can be found here 

Looking forward to seeing many of you again in November!



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