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Math = Exciting News! Life of Fred!

Dear Friends,

As I continue to enjoy the homeschooling life with my family so constantly all around me, I have enjoyed more and more the chance to be so involved with Maple Tree Publications. Some of you may know that now, in addition to carrying books published by Maple Tree (like Working Together, The GreatCanadian ArtPak and Come Sit By Me) I am now providing some other books that we don’t publish. These books are simply books that have been so valuable in our homeschool and that I have recommended to so many people that I
started to carry them myself though this little business of mine.

As such, I thought that I would make an announcement that is really
quite exciting to me:

As a math teacher I have never been satisfied with one math curriculum that I came across. Everyone was too boring or too out of touch with reality or focused on the wrong skills. I have finally found a math curriculum that I love and I am so excited about it that I am planning to start selling it myself through Maple Tree. Life of Fred is a whole
different way of learning math. Life of Fred is a series of stories of “a day in the life of” the main character Fred. Fred is 5 and he is larger than life. In the course of his every day life he runs into practical applications of all the math that the reader has the opportunity to learn. Then, at the end of each chapter in the story there is the chance to practice a few problems (“Your turn to play!”) on the topic that was taught through the story. After about 5 chapters there is a bridge (or test) that the reader must cross (or pass) in order to continue on to the next chapter.

I love this curriculum because it always finds application of the mathematical concepts in real life. This reduces (but of course does not eliminate) the need to repeat excersises so much since the student gets the opportunity to make a real connection with the subject matter rather than having to memorize concepts. As well, the story is entertaining and engaging. It is funny. And I have consistently had to take away the book from my daughter as she was studying since she liked it so much that she was neglecting her other studies. Now that is a math curriculum worth investing in! Life of Fred books are clear and comprehensive, they are very economical in comparison to other curriculums and they are just plain fun.

Since I am so excited about these books, I thought that I would offer up a special deal to any of you who are also wanting to switch to “Life of Fred” as your main curriculum or who are interested in using it as a supplement to the curriculum that you are already using. I plan to make my first order of Life of Fred books from the distributor in order to get books in in time for school to start. If you order these books through me now and prepay for them – I will give you 10% off of your order. That is in addition to the fact that as a microbusiness I don’t have to charge you taxes! You only pay for the books at a discount and pay for shipping (15%).

I’m sure that many of you are in my shoes and have had a very fast paced summer and so I realize that this is short notice but in order to get the books to you by the start of school I can only extend this offer until this Friday, August the 12th at noon. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity please let me know ASAP and I will send you a Paypal
invoice which you can pay by debit or credit online.

More specific information about Life of Fred can be found here at the author’s home page. Canadian Pricing through Maple Tree is as follows. (Prepaid orders made by August 12th receive 10% off of these prices!):

Elementary Math

Life of Fred: Apples $18
Life of Fred: Butterflies $18
Life of Fred: Cats $18
Life of Fred: Dogs $18

Life of Fred Elementary Set $68

*** (More books in the Elementary Books Before Fractions Section are being

Before High School Mathematics

Life of Fred: Fractions $21
Life of Fred: Decimals and Percents $21
Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology $32
Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics $32

Life of Fred Before High School Math Set $104

High School Mathematics (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

These next two books are a pair.
Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra $32
Fred’s Home Companion: Beginning Algebra $16
These next two books are a pair.
Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra $32
Fred’s Home Companion: Advanced Algebra $16
These next two books are a pair.
Life of Fred: Geometry $42
Life of Fred: Geometry Answer Key $8
These next two books are a pair.
Life of Fred: Trigonometry $32
Fred’s Home Companion: Trigonometry $16

Life of Fred: High School Math Set $189

University Mathematics

These next two books are a pair.
Life of Fred: Calculus $42
Life of Fred: Calculus Answer Key $8
These next two books are a pair.
Life of Fred: Statistics $42
Life of Fred: Statistics Answer Key $8
These next two books are a pair.
Life of Fred: Linear Algebra $53
Life of Fred: Linear Algebra Answer Key $8

Life of Fred: University Set $157

Life of Fred: Complete Set $438

As always, I would hate to sell you something that you didn’t need or want.  Life of Fred will not be the ideal for everyone.  I do however love helping people to find the resources that they need.



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