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Mother Culture, June 9th at 7:30pm

This coming Thursday, June 9th, marks the last of the Charlotte Mason Support Group meetings of the school year in my home.  Usually by this point in the year most of us in our house are not thinking towards lessons with vigour and enthusiasm.  Instead our enthusiasm is more focussed on things like how many days until we go camping and so on. 

This time, however, I am very excited about one last gathering of precious ladies here in my living room for some “Mother Culture”, a time to encourage and build up and learn from one another.  I can’t wait to pick your brains on what “Summer’s Cool” means to you.  The agenda for the evening includes time to share what kind of experiences we are all looking forward to this summer and how those camps and crafts and sports and so many other things are an extension of the learning time that is more formal in the other seasons.

If you live in the area (of Bradford, Ontario), please feel free to join us even if you haven’t had opportunity to do the assigned readings.  The gathering place is my living room. (Email me for my address or directions.)  We meet from 7:30 to 9:30.

The readings for this week are: from A Charlotte Mason Companion: chapters 38 (Picnics Any Time), 39 (Summery Senses), 45 (A New Grading Method), and 46 (Mother Culture), as well as from A Philosophy of Education chapter 9 (The Way of Reason) and pages 224-230, 233-234 (Geography, Physical Development and Handicrafts).

I look forward to meeting with some of you soon.


P.S. Don’t forget to share the information about the “Newby Workshops” with your friends and family.  They are already starting to fill up as my living room isn’t that large so email me soon so that you won’t be disappointed.

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Come, have a visit “Under the Maple Tree”

Dear Friends,
Over the past few years, as I have had the privilege to meet so many people at conferences, home school meetings and online through my involvement with Maple Tree Publications, the one thing that I have enjoyed most is hearing your stories, getting to know you.  Of course, I love the products that I sell – I know that I am not much of a sales woman and so I could never represent a product that I didn’t believe in.  I also love to teach so the chance to engage the minds not only of my young students at home but of the willing adults that sit through my seminars is so much fun for me.  By far though it has been the community that I have had the honour of being a part of and the people that I have gotten to know that have been the greatest delights in this work.
As such, I thought I would take the opportunity to expand the newsletter that I have been able to send to so many of you and to invest in this new world of blogging.  Over the past couple of years I have really enjoyed being able to connect with people through their blogs and so hope that this sight might be an encouragement to you and yours and might be a way to get to know more of my unique, interesting and vibrant readers.
This blog will be a mishmash of many things….  Hopefully the commonality is the usefulness of information and the encouragement that you will receive.  Please look forward to receiving here thoughts and ideas on home education, book reviews, encouraging notes, answers to some of the questions that friends and readers write to me with, excerpts from Maple Tree books, information about upcoming book launches, conferences, specials, and other events, and more….
Please subscribe now.  Then, when you have a chance, pour yourself a cup of tea and come back often.  I very much look forward to your company and to the chance to get to know you better.
Peace and Blessings,