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Bestill My Beating Heart…

It’s Art!

Lawrence Harris, “North Shore, Baffin Island II”, 1931


This past weekend, I had the privilege of making my now annual pilgrimage to our nation’s capital.  I love meeting up with some regular customers and friends and exchanging stories of our year and also meeting so many new folks.

Tom Thomson, “The Jack Pine”, 1916-1917.

Then, if time allows, one of my favourite places in the world to be is in this room:


If I could bring a sleeping bag and pillow I could camp out here indefinitely.  You see I am a Math Mama, through and through.  Before homeschool I thought a beautiful piece of artwork consisted of a squarely made times table that had been nicely colour coded.  Then Cyndy Regeling introduced me to the Great Canadian ArtPak and I came face to face with the likes of Tom Thomson, Emily Carr, Cornelius Krieghoff, Paul Kane, A.Y. Jackson, J.E.H. MacDonald, James Morris and so many more.  Their art told a story that finally I could connect to; I was in love.  And so, to find myself in this room in the National Art Gallery, this weekend, was to find myself meeting with these great people by way of the incredible beauty that they left behind and to be able to see for myself and to really feel their passions.  Amazing.  What more can I say?

Paul Kane, “Big Snake, Chief of the Blackfoot Indians, Recounting his War Exploits to Five Subordinate Chiefs”, 1851-1856.

A bit of Mother Culture for me, and I think my sweet teens that came with me were a bit in awe as well.

Claude Tousignant, “Chromatic Acceleration”, 1967.

Wishing you all some awe inspiring moments in your living and learning this week, Friends!





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