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A Time to Rest….

Dear Friends,

It would seem that online businesses are always open, especially small businesses.  When I go camping, to the doctors office, or to church my little Maple Tree tags along almost everytime and if I can I try to send off a quick note while waiting for the soup to warm up or prepare an order between math and history lessons or answer an inquiry while waiting the kids are in their piano lessons I am happy to do so but even the most enjoyable work needs to be laid aside for a season here and there.  

Our family is going to be enjoying some much needed down time in the next little while, a week long technology break!  In preparation for another bualways open closedsy season coming up, we are going to be enjoying some downtime.  That being the case, if you need any resources in the next couple of weeks, please let me know as soon as possible.  I can get packages out on Friday, February 26th and then our next orders will not go out until March 9th.  

Thanks for your patience! Looking forward to being recharged for another great season of visiting with home educators at conferences across the country this year! 

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