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A New Season…

It is so exciting to see spring unfolding once again and so early this year!  As usual, we are excited to be out in the yard cleaning up and dreaming of things to come, preparing gardens, tidying out the garage (let me tell you: that’s a messy job this year!) and starting little seedlings.  I am not nearly so much a gardening expert as I am an aficionado, a fan, a devotee to mucking in the dirt with hopes that something yummy might spring from it.  Really I am still that kid that makes mud pies and dreams of them really being tasty treats.

In addition to these signs of spring you can also be sure to find me playing with stacks of boxes and leafing through countless books as this is also the beginning of “Conference Season”.  Maple Tree will be at several conferences and sales over the next several months and I will also have the funky privilege of chatting with many of you as I teach several seminars at these gatherings and as I visit in our little corner of the exhibit hall.  

I hope that as your weekends fill with many worthy and varied activities over the next weeks and months that you will be able to take some time to refresh and recharge your home school engines.  

Listed below are all the home school conferences and sales where you will find Maple Tree this spring.  To save time and lower yours stress in a busy vendor’s hall, and to ensure availability, if you have items that you want to make sure you pick up at a conference then please feel free to order ahead of time for pick up on the day of the conference.  Paid orders can be made through the website shop.  When paying, choose “Local Pick-up” as your shipping option and when you have the opportunity to make a “Note” please indicate which conference you will be picking up at.  

You are also welcome to send in orders to be paid at the conference.  These orders need to be made by phone (905-778-9412) or by email ( and need to be picked up by noon Saturday at their given conference.  Ordering ahead of time will help us to be sure to have all the resources available that you need.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in real life over the next few months!



  • KWCHEA Conference (Kitchener, Ontario) April 2/16 
  • Home Schooling for Newbies
  • Day By Day and Side by Side
  • In Search of the Secret: The Practical Road to Contentment


  • RVHEA Conference (Ottawa, Ontario) April 16/16 
  • Home Schooling for Newbies
  • In Search of the Secret: The Practical Road to Contentment


  • OCHEC Conference (Hamilton, Ontario) April 29&30/16
  • Charlotte Mason in Real Life


  • HENB Conference (Sussex, New Brunswick) May 27&28/16
  • Charlotte Mason Overview (2 sessions)
  • Living Math
  • Working Together
  • Truth: The Central Pillar of a Christian Education
  • In Search of the Secret: The Practical Road to Contentment


  • TEACH New and Used Sale (Brantford, Ontario) June 10/16  
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