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Beautiful thoughts for beautiful penmanship.
More than 200 years ago Letitia Anna Barbauld gave children a beautiful gift: Hymns in Prose for Children. First published in 1781, these hymns—written in prose, not in poetry form—encourage a love and reverence for God by drawing attention to His handiwork, His presence, and His protection. Now you can use these inspiring selections to also encourage good penmanship with Hymns in Prosecopybooks.
• Nourishes the mind while improving handwriting.—As your child carefully copies these beautiful hymns, he will contemplate great truths about God even as he develops the muscle memory needed for good penmanship.
• Reinforces correct spelling and sentence structure.—Working with Mrs. Barbauld’s well-composed sentences will cultivate an excellent feel for good composition and a practiced eye for correct spelling.
• Supports your choice of handwriting style.—Hymns in Prose copybooks are available in a variety of popular styles.
• Gently guides beginning writers toward standard notebook paper line width.—The first selections in the book present the words in a more spacious format with larger letters, as is fitting for beginning writers. As your child progresses through the hymns, the letters grow gradually smaller and the lines closer together.
• Reviews words learned in reading lessons.—The selected hymns correspond to the Hymns in Prose for Children reader and optional teacher book. If you are using those resources for reading lessons, these copybooks will provide additional opportunities to review words your child is learning.

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