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Teach your children useful life skills with short and simple handicraft lessons!
Charlotte Mason intentionally included handicrafts in her school schedule. She believed that “another elemental relationship, which every child should be taught and encouraged to set up, is that of power over material. Every child makes sand castles, mud-pies, paper boats, and he or she should go on to work in clay, wood, brass, iron, leather, dress-stuffs, food-stuffs, furnishing-stuffs. He should be able to make with his hands and should take delight in making” (Vol. 3, p. 80).
Now it’s easy to add handicraft lessons to your curriculum with Handicrafts Made Simple. Each DVD presents a different handicraft and includes
• Step-by-step instructions with close-up details that will give you and your children confidence as you learn.
• Fun projects that your children will actually use.
• A 12-week suggested schedule with freedom to work at your own pace and accommodate all levels of expertise and skill.
• A complete list of easy-to-find, inexpensive supplies so you can get started right away.
• A handy booklet with tips for the lessons and ideas for bonus projects.
• Enjoyable lessons and projects for both boys and girls, older and younger.

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