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Newby Workshops

Dear Friends,

Just a quick post to let you know that I have <finally> set a couple of dates for this year’s Newby Workshops!  They will be held on Thursday, July 21st and Tuesday, August 9th from 7:30 to 9:30 pm in my home in Bradford.

If you are new to the homeschool world or are considering this crazy lifestyle, please feel welcome to visit in my home on one of these dates!  This is a workshop that I have presented at homeschooling conferences but that I love to be able to share in my home even more as we will have a limited size (only 15 spaces available – sign up soon!) and will have two hours rather than one.  There will be a big pot of tea and my daughters are likely to come up with some yummy treats to share. 

Though we will try to look over some of the most common questions and concerns that new homeschoolers have in a sturctured way, there will be lots of time to discuss those questions that are foremost on your mind about this way of educating.  My plan is more for an open forum than for a lecture. 

Some of the things that we will discuss:

Yikes!  Can I do this?!?
Where can I go for support?
What are the legal implications?
Do I have to contact my local school board?
What about curriculum?
What is a “normal” homeschooling day like?
What about socialization!?!

Expect some yummy hand outs too!    

Please share this invitation with friends and family who are new to homeschooling or who are considering it.  You are also welcome to forward this information to your church group or homeschool group.  I look forward to meeting many of you in my living room this summer!



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